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Welcome buyers with five foyer ideas that won’t bust your budget


Jim Geymont on 13 Aug 2019

It’s possibly one of the most neglected areas when sellers think about updating their home for market. But the moment potential buyers step foot inside the front door, your foyer or entryway will either wow or disappoint. If they see a cluttered, neglected space, buyers are likely to assume you’ve also neglected other areas of your house. Luckily, you don’t have to invest a lot in your foyer to offer potential buyers a warm welcome.

Here are five budget-friendly ways you can be sure your entryway makes a memorable first impression with buyers:

1. Rid the space of clutter

Your first step in making your entryway more welcoming is to completely remove all clutter. Too often, these areas are catchall spaces for shoes, boots, coats, backpacks and more. When you are staging a home for buyers, these items need to be tucked completely out of sight. The same goes for that rug that keeps rolling up on the floor when you open the door and that stack of newspapers you meant to put into recycling. Clutter quickly detracts from any other decorating choices you make, so your first step should always be to declutter.

Your first step in making your entryway more welcoming is to completely remove all clutter.

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2. Add a mirror or artwork

Even small spaces can have focal points. A tasteful piece of art or a lovely framed mirror add a warm touch to an entryway. It also breaks up the monotony of a bare wall and allows you to introduce your home’s overall decor. Choose a mirror with a pretty decorative frame and hang at a level that allows it to be used. Don’t make the mistake of using family photos in place of artwork or a mirror. You want buyers to picture themselves living in the house, which is made more difficult when reminders of your family are found on the walls, including the entryway.

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3. Incorporate right-sized furniture

Depending on the size of your foyer, your updating could include adding a piece of right-sized furniture. If space allows, a bench with storage under the seat is an excellent choice. When potential buyers see that you’ve got a space to collect shoes and boots rather than letting people walk through the house with them, they will get the idea you care about maintaining your home. If space doesn’t allow for a bench, consider a console table. These narrow tables are perfect additions to most foyers and usually have enough room to hold a vase of fresh flowers.

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4. Make a statement with lighting

If you’ve always had to make do with ho-hum or outdated lighting in your entryway, this is a last chance to make a statement overhead. Switch that outdated, dusty chandelier for something more contemporary or replace that plain fixture with something that does a better job of defining the space. A new lighting fixture can set the stage for buyers, making the impression that you have a maintained, updated home. One word of caution: do not get too elaborate or unusual in your fixture choice. Just as you should try to keep a neutral palette throughout the living area, you want an updated light fixture that does not come across as too specific to your personal taste.

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5. Apply fresh paint

If your entry way is set apart from the rest of the house, applying fresh paint in a trending color that coordinates well with you other walls and trim can be an easy, and relatively inexpensive, way to freshen up your foyer. For less-defined entryways, where you do not want to have to paint walls on the entire floor, you can still use paint for a fresh look by adding a fresh coat to the interior side of your front door. If your walls are neutral, try a dark charcoal or other contrasting hue to really make your door pop.

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